Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Almost White Christmas

We headed to Bend the week before Christmas to celebrate with Mayme and Boppa (I'm a little out of order here :) with hopes of a white Christmas but apparently Mayme had been praying really hard that it would not snow so our drive would be safer :)  It worked, and I can't complain because it does make for a lot quicker drive over the pass!  The kids did not seem to care and had a blast hanging at Mayme and Boppa's with Jack and Ariel for a few days!  They played at the park across the street, baked cookies for Santa and spent a lot of time "working" with all their new construction toys and their super cool Handy Manny workbench!
Wiggle worms!!
They are getting so big!
Everything is more fun when you
are in a cardboard box...
Heading out for lunch at The Deschutes Brewery, yum!

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