Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New School

We recently made the somewhat difficult choice to put Noah in a new school.  The school where he had been going since April of last year was actually more of a day care center and he was one of the only kids just coming for a few hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays, all the other kids were there together all day long.  The teachers at his old school were amazing and he made so much progress while he was there but I still felt like he was missing out on the comradery of being part of a "classroom" if that makes sense.  His new school is an actual preschool where all the kids come and go at the same time and they offer pre-k and kindergarten.  We are still undecided on what we are going to do about the school situation when he gets into elementary school but it is nice knowing that he can stay here at this school until he starts 1st grade.  With his birthday being where it is he is going to be a super late starter and we are definitely going to need the pre-k class to keep him moving along until he starts kindergarten.
Noah has done amazing with the transition!  We made several trips to the new school before he started and talked about his new teachers around the house a lot so he was familiar with their names and the fact that he was going to have new teachers.  On his first day he put on his new backpack (he was seriously excited about the backpack) and marched right into his classroom!  His new teachers came over to say hello and he asked me if I was going to leave, I said yes and he said OK, took Teacher Janelle's hand and went to check out his new classroom!!!  Hooray!!!  
Ready for his first day!
We finally talked him into getting a hair cut before his first day.  For
some reason he refused a haircut for almost three months and kept
telling us he wanted to have a pony tail...
Not sure where that came from!
Checking out his backpack!
Loves his backpack!  
He picked this one out himself.  I showed him about 20 different
backpack options and he only wanted the blue one.
I still can't believe he chose it over Lightning McQueen and Spiderman!!
So cute!!!

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