Saturday, March 19, 2011

Another good one!

Today's breakfast conversation - 

Noah: Hey mom, Silas is way too big for his crib now and needs a big boy bed.  So we need to go get me a bunk bed today.
Me: Really, today???
Noah: Yes, and when Silas gets bigger and bigger he will sleep in my bunk bed with me.
Me: What are we going to do with Silas's room if he sleeps in your room?
Noah: (looking at me like I am an idiot) That is where our sister will sleep, we will get her a teeny tiny little bed just her size and she is never to need a big bed, we will get her bunk beds too when she gets bigger and bigger.  Then mommy and daddy can sleep on her bunk beds and we can all go to bed at the same time!

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The Adventures of the George Family said...

Haha - he's cracking me up!! Sounds like he's pretty set on "getting" a sister! Maybe he's on to something...??