Wednesday, June 15, 2011

To nap or not to nap???

Noah has gone over a week now without a nap and it is killing me and my to do list...  Nap time has always been my two hours of get everything under the sun done and I am afraid it is coming to an end.  Silas is still napping like a rock star but Noah seems to be on a nap strike.  A few weeks ago he started calling it quiet time and then it was work time because I always tell him that I need to get my work done while he is in his room, the last couple days he does not want to do either, grrrrrr!!!  I have managed to get him in his room every day but it the quietness only lasts about 10-15 minutes before I hear "Mom, mom, MOM, I feel a poop coming up"  of course I get him into the bathroom and sometimes he goes and sometimes he doesn't but after the poop commotion there is no getting him back down, double grrrrrr!!
The last few days I have told him that he could come out but that he needs to entertain himself for a while so I get my things done.  The first day was a little rocky as he just wanted me to play but the last couple days he has actually played quietly by himself for at least an hour.  I guess he is going to be four in a couple months so maybe I just need to accept that he is growing out of naps but this is seriously difficult!!!
Although, yesterday I was down in the office catching up on my bookkeeping & payroll and noticed the house got really quiet and this is where I found Noah!  Maybe there is still a little bit of nap hope!!!
You can't really see it in the picture but he is laying
on top of his bag of Sun Chips and about half the
chips are crushed under him.   Apparently he
must have passed out halfway through his snack...

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