Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Last day of school...

Today was Noah's last day of school for the summer!  He is going to be there quite a bit for summer camps but today was his last actual day of class!  He was super excited to bring his teachers the flowers he picked out for them and the special cards he made (I love that he loves giving gifts & cards so much)!!!  They had a party packed class today complete with a bounce house, cookie decorating, sidewalk chalk and bubbles, he was just a little hyper and excited when I got there to pick him up!
I had told him that on his last day of school we could go have a treat somewhere, anywhere he wanted...  He asked for Jamba Juice, a chocolate milkshake, an ice cream cone and a doughnut...  We compromised with a Chocolate Moo'd at Jamba Juice.
Getting his special number and color books from Teacher Jenelle!
The number book is all of his math work sheets and the color book has
his hand prints in every different color, super cute!
"It's my last day of school!!!"

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Sara said...

Hahaha, lovin' the niner shirt! They're twins! We need to get them together sometime.