Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Lunch Conversation Today
Noah: Hey mom, can you teach me how to climb a tree after quiet time?
Me: Sure, which tree do you want to climb?
Noah: I tried to climb that big one yesterday but it didn't work.  Do we have a giant rope?  
Me: Why do we need a rope?????
Noah: I think I need a big rope to help pull me into the tree, I really want to climb a tree!

So, after quiet time today Noah and I set out to climb some trees in our yard.  It has been quite a few years since I have climbed a tree, and I totally forgot how much fun it is!  Noah was very cautious at first, trying every tree in the yard on for size before he settled on the magnolia tree, which is the perfect climbing tree.  It was amazing how fast he went from being scared as soon as his feet left the ground and wanting me right there to a huge swinging dismount!  I told him he looked like a monkey out there swinging from the branches and he said "no mom, I am a monkey spider!" 

Trying to figure this climbing thing out...
Why are you taking pictures like it is my senior prom or something???
Getting the hang of this! 
Climbing higher!
His swinging dismount!!
Starting to make me a little nervous...

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