Thursday, January 13, 2011

Big Boy Bed

Yesterday was a pretty big day around here, we took the rails off Silas's crib and turned it into a big boy bed for him!!!  He has climbed out of his crib once and was really making me nervous with all the jumping and climbing that was happening so we decided it was time.  I am pretty sure Noah is more excited about this than Silas...   Noah really wants a bunk bed.  We told him that when Silas is big enough he can have Noah's current bed and we will get Noah the bunk bed he has all picked out at IKEA (the one with the tent on top like his buddy Kevin has).  Needless to say, he was asking to go to IKEA yesterday to pick up his bed because Silas is ready for a big boy bed now.  Not quite.  Silas did do pretty good though, at naps yesterday I only had to put him back in his bed three times and I think it was three times at bedtime last night too.  Today at naps it was just once so hopefully we are moving in the right direction!
When we said it was bedtime last night both boys climbed into Silas's bed!
Noah even brought in all his own blankets and snuggles as he calls them.

"Does this mean Silas has a big boy bed now?"

Look I can do it myself!

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Sara said...

Is Silas still on 2 naps? Andrew just got down to one. Good but I will miss it too.

I love keeping up with you guys. Thanks for the tip on Jamba Juice. Abby loves their smoothies. Do they have sugar free ones I wonder with just fruit and juice?

Our kiddos are growing up:)