Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Here are a few pics from our trip to visit Santa last night!  The boys have seriously been bouncing off the walls with excitement just waiting to see him!  Noah has all kinds of crazy plans for Santa.  He told me the other day that he is going to hide in his closet on Christmas and when Santa comes into his room to leave him a special surprise he is going to jump out of his closet and scare him, then he is going to ask him if he wants to eat breakfast with us... He has also been saving all kinds of little treasures to put out with his cookies for Santa, lots of money, a few toys and for some strange reason he really wants Santa to take our Christmas count down blocks...  Silas has had a change of heart and is now asking for a blue race car instead of a crane and just kept telling Santa that he REALLY wants a little blue race care with a big engine that goes really fast!  Noah told Santa that he wants lots of musical instruments and a motorcycle with a giant engine that he can take apart.  He also asked Santa where his sleigh was (at the North pole getting a shiny new paint job for Christmas) and if his reindeer run on tredmills when it is too cold outside (they have a special indoor track to get their exercise)! Just in case you were wondering :)
Wow, how excited is this kid!!  This was his happy
Santa dance in the parking lot on the way in!!
Giving Santa high fives and fist bumps!
Silas telling Santa about his blue race care for the 10th time :)
Hugs for Santa!
And from Noah too!
We were so proud of them, they both told him thank
you and Merry Christmas on their own!
Added bonus - We got a picture where they
are both smiling this year!!!!

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Lyndsey Lanphere said...

Cute pictures!!! Really hope Santa has plans to bring Silas that blue race car :-)