Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Giving Thanks

Like most years we were lucky enough to have two Thanksgiving feasts, the kicker this year was that I made one of those feasts myself (yikes)!!!  I have made Thanksgiving dinner one other time but on a much smaller scale, this year I went for it and went all out!  I even got out my great grandmothers china and everything (only broke one bowl too :)  Luckily Mayme loves to clean and was a huge help with the cleanup (my least favorite part) and since I am pretty sure I used every dish in my kitchen it was much appreciated (thanks Mayme)!  Everything turned out great and I was pretty proud of myself until I tasted the smorgasbord of yumminess my Mom prepared later in the weekend.  Let's just say I have a lot to learn!  First thing on my list is her bourbon gravy - seriously the most amazing gravy I have ever tasted, could have eaten it like soup :)  
Anyway, here are the pictures from our fun Thanksgiving weekend!  
My homemade place cards for the table!
I was so excited, I had the table set like 4 days
ahead of time (actually saved a lot of work the day of)
Kiddie table :)
It is just juice, and yes, my kids are eating chicken nuggets and
french fries on Thanksgiving, not proud but not worth the fight either.
For whatever reason, Noah woke up Friday morning and
was on a mission to make cupcakes.  In all the
Thanksgiving craziness, Nonnie took time to help Noah
make his cupcakes!  Thanks Nonnie!
So excited for his cupcakes!
Taking a break with daddy!  He kept climbing up on the couch
to snuggle with Ryan all weekend, so sweet!
Noah's cupcake, he wanted frosting, candy, sprinkles and chocolate...
Nothing like a little sugar before bed!
What the heck, thrown on a few more M & M's :)
Go Ducks!!!!
The weekend would not be complete without at least one self portrait!
Looks like trouble...
Oh, it is just the candy guy!  Noah still has
his Halloween candy and takes a little bit
everywhere to share with everyone!  Seriously
how sweet is this little guy!
(Silas might have a different view :)
Thanks for the smooches Aunt Erika!
After taking family pictures Silas wanted to stand
on the stairs by himself to have more pictures
taken of just him... 
Grandma & Grandpa settling in to watch Christmas Vacation!
It's our family tradition to watch that movie every year on Thanksgiving!

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