Sunday, September 4, 2011

Weekend Away

For our 11th (yes 11th) anniversary Ryan and I decided we needed a break, aka a weekend away!  We convinced my parents to come stay here with the boys so we could escape for a few days up to The Resort at the Mountain!  What a beautiful and fun place to stay!  I had no idea it was even there and it without traffic it is only about an hour and a half drive.  The rooms, food, golf and spa were all amazing!
We took lots of pictures but never actually got one of the two of us together... Oops!
Huge THANK YOU to Nonnie and Papa for staying with the little guys!  Gigantic thanks to Papa for building a sandbox for the boys, fixing our gates, fixing our leaky faucets, pruning our trees and fixing, reprogramming & adjusting all of our sprinklers :)
You don't see many of these around!
Enjoying a few beers after a round of golf!
The beautiful view from the pub on the course!


Lyndsey Lanphere said...

Love that place too!! Happy Anniversary!!

The Adventures of the George Family said...

Brian used to work at the restaurant there on his college days :) What a beautiful place to spend your anniversary! Here's to many more!!