Monday, December 6, 2010

Gym Class

Noah had his final gymnastics class for the term today and all of us parents got to come in and watch to see all the fun things the kids have learned over the past few months!  This class was a pretty big deal for Noah as it was the first class (outside of school)  that he went to without me there but he has been awesome and loves him some gym class!  The pictures are not too great, all of us parents were sequestered in a corner so it was hard to get good shots from across the room.  I felt like I was in a paparazzi line up!!!
Ready for class to start!

A little bear crawling!

Stretching - This is the mountain with a tree on top!
Noah loves doing the stretches, we have "gym class" at home
all the time and Noah leads me through all the stretches!

Noah just told me this is called a
monkey walk.

Getting his award from Teacher Alec (his favorite)!  He was not sure how
to react as all the parents and kids were clapping and cheering, so cute!

Love that smile!

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