Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Date Night

I hardly ever get to hang with just Noah these days so for his birthday I decided to take him out on a date!!  He really wanted to go to Red Robin for his birthday and Silas happened to have his first swim lesson that night so Noah and I headed out for our birthday date while Ryan took Silas to swim class! I was so hoping that with just the two of us Noah would behave and we could have a nice dinner together, and he was great, for the first 20 minutes...  As usual right about the time our food came Noah was done sitting still and was ready play!  Oh well, we had lots of good conversation about lawn mowers, Dave Matthews, fans and Daddy's car (always a favorite topic)!  I wolfed down my burger at a world record pace and flagged down our waitress for the check ASAP!  Noah had really wanted them to sing to him but when he found out they could not bring out a candle he wanted no part of it, not even for the ice cream!!  Here are a couple pre-date pictures of me and my little man!


The Adventures of the George Family said...

Great pictures of you two!! I can't believe how grown up he looks in them!

Nicole said...

That's wonderful! (And I totally remember that time when Connor could only handle 20 minutes in Red Robin--or any restaurant. We just gave up eating out for a good year because of it.) Kudos for you for making alone time just with Noah--and wolfing down a RR burger! ;)