Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Cupcake Party

Noah asked for two things for his birthday - cleaning supplies and cupcakes...

So instead of inviting all his friends over to clean our house we decided to have a cupcake decorating party!!  Wow, let me just say six dozen cupcakes with lots of sugary frosting and toppings before lunch with 16 kids is a recipe for a lot of fun, a few messes and possibly a melt down or two!!!  Noah has been so excited for his birthday and cupcake party he could hardly contain himself for the past week!  He had so much fun and is now upstairs sleeping it off :) 

Noah made this sign for his party!  I scoured every magazine and
cookbook I had to find enough cupcake pictures!

So many cupcakes!

We did the decorating in shifts!

I just had to post this one, Kylie put her sprinkles
on so carefully one at a time, so cute!

Happy Birthday to Noah!!

Lots of help!!  

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