Tuesday, September 28, 2010

36 Months

It is so hard to believe that my little Booga Noah is now 3!!  He is the sweetest little boy any momma could ever ask for and this post is all about Noah at 3!!
Possibly the cutest picture ever!
I love that he totally ripped the flower right out of the ground :)
36 lb. 2 oz. - 39 1/4 " tall

Noah sleeps 8-9 hours per night and still takes a 2 hour nap most days :)

Potty Training - Bad subject...

Favorite Movies - Cars, Wall-E, Bee Movie (big surprise)

Favorite Shows - Handy Manny, Thomas, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (he really wants to go to Disneyland, we have a pretend vacation there almost every day, complete with an airplane ride and everything)!

Favorite Books - Too many to list but he is really into these Sesame Street books that I got in the Target dollar bin a while ago.

Favorite Foods - Grapes, macaroni & cheese, cashews, any kind of cookie or cupcake :) protein shakes (smoothies) with daddy, blueberries, carrots, pizza and he still loves beans.

Favorite Pastimes - He is totally into jigsaw puzzles and can now do some that are 24 pieces!  He and Silas spend hours playing in their parking garage, road mat and kitchen.  Noah is also really into playing video games with daddy, Mario, Dirt and anything on the Wii.  He loves helping us out in the yard and wants every day to be Saturday so he can mow and weed wack! He wants to ride his bike and run every chance he gets.  Our culdesac has a large pavement circle around it and this is Noah's race track where he goes "VERY FAST" :)  I don't know what we are going to do when the rainy weather starts...

Classes - Noah is still going to school on Tuesday and Thursday mornings for 3.5 hours.  He has had a bit of a rough patch lately.  When he turned three he had to move from the toddler classroom to the preschool classroom and has had a tough time adjusting.  The classroom is a lot bigger with more kids and a new teacher.  He was totally in love with Teacher Sasha and is really missing her and his friends in the old class room.  Luckily there have been no tears and I have not had to fight him on going, each day is getting better and I know he will grow to love this class and Teacher Amber just as much as the toddler class!  Noah also has pre-gymnastics and swimming on Mondays (busy day) and this has been an adjustment for him too.  Now that he is three the classes are no longer parent participation so he has to go alone.   He is doing awesome at swim class but gymnastics might take a little longer...

Such a big boy now!!!

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Lyndsey Lanphere said...

What a great little man you have!! If you want to talk potty training sometime, I have a great trick we used with Grant. You cannot force it, that is for sure though!! He will do it when he's ready!