Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Trick or Treat

Halloween was so much fun this year!! Noah was totally into it and was so excited to go Trick or Treating! They both loved all of the Halloween decorations and pumpkins and were continuously making spooky ghost noises around the house!  Noah was practically pacing by the door waiting for it to get dark so he could go out and get some candy!  Our plan was to take both boys to a couple houses in our culdesac and then Ryan would take Silas home while Noah and I went to a few other houses around the neighborhood but Silas was having so much fun we ended up going to way more houses than planned and having a blast!  Noah walked right up to every door and said "Trick or Treat" and "Thank you for the candy" and even threw in a "Happy Halloween" at most of the houses!
Our little Barry Bee Benson and his dragon friend!

I love the dragon tail & stinger!

Ready to go!

Noah at his first house!  He rang the doorbell
and when Milo answered the door Noah sprinted
into their house and fell down with a giant crash...
We had to do a little explaining that we have to
stay outside and not run into everyones houses!

Silas with his candy bar!
He did not have a candy bag so he just carried
this candy bar around and tried to put it into
everyones candy bowls like he was trading it
in or something!

Waiting patiently!

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