Thursday, November 11, 2010

El Yunque Rain Forest

I am going to do these Puerto Rico pictures in phases...  We saw so many amazing things and did so much that it would be nearly impossible to put it all into one post!  These pictures are from the El Yunque Rain Forest in the Luquillo Mountains.  We spent our first day on the island checking out the rain forest which happened to be just a few miles away from the resort!  We are pretty spoiled living in Oregon as far as the "green" factor goes but it really does not hold a candle to the green in the rain forest, it was absolutely breathtaking!

Yokahu Tower

View from the top of the tower!  The picture does not do it justice...

I couldn't resist the window picture!

These are the trails to get everywhere.  It rains so
much that any dirt trails would wash away.  They were
a little slippery and made the hiking interesting!

There were rivers, creeks and waterfalls everywhere!

We loved all the giant vines hanging down everywhere.  It felt like
Tarzan could come swinging down at any minute :)

La Mina Falls

Looks like a great place to have a picnic along the trail...  Ha ha!

La Coca Falls
They don't really look that big in the picture but they
are actually 85 feet tall.

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