Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sweet Silas

I can't believe that Silas is almost 16 months old! I have not posted any updates on him in a while so here it goes... He is running around like a wild man and is SO tough! He takes falls like I can't believe and almost always keeps plugging along without a single tear! This is good since Noah still seems to think he needs to assert his authority over Silas by continuously pushing, shoving and now wrestling him to the ground... We figure it is only a matter of time before Silas starts whooping up on Noah! Silas is really into cars, trucks, bikes and of course his blanket! He is starting to talk more and more, however his big words are still this and that. He is continuously pointing at everything saying this or that. He also says Momma, Daddy, Noah, upstairs, done, more, another one, yes, no, hey hey hey, hi and of course blankie! He sleeps pretty good usually from around 8 p.m. to 7 a.m. and takes just one nap from 1-4 (love it)!!! He is our little snuggler, complete opposite of Noah so we have been enjoying all the snuggles we can get! He is a pretty good eater too, he has been loving all the summer berries but his most favorite thing is cheese, any kind of cheese (wonder where he got that from :) I gave up on the baby food a couple months ago because it was just such a mess to get him to eat anything so he eats all solids now. Sometimes I feel like maybe he is not getting enough but I figure if he is hungry he will eat. He is so tall and skinny, I am having a hard time finding clothes that fit him because he is 18-24 month in length but 12-18 month size in width so everything is either too short or too wide, oh well!
Love those curls!!!

The blankie!

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