Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Oh the things he says...

Noah says the funniest things these days so I wanted to jot them down and figured they would give everyone a good laugh!!

(while sitting in his Cozy Coupe in the dining room) "We are stuck in traffic again, this is redonkulous!"

(while hauling his lawn mower up the stairs) "I really need to work out later"

"Grandma broke her coccyx"  (this was a mortifying moment, we were sitting in a really long line at Freddy's and he decided to say this really loud to every person that walked by and then proceeded to laugh hysterically like it was the funniest thing he has ever heard each time, AWESOME)

These are all random statements and observations made in the car - 

"It smells like stinky onion breath back here" (I honestly don't know where that one came from)

"Silas just dropped a stink bomb in his diaper, it smells really bad back here"

"Noah has a lot of energy at school"

"Do not wrestle with the kids at school"

"That motorcycle does not have windows or air conditioning"

"I want to sit in that traffic over there"

He is continuously asking for the air conditioner to be turned up and down, my blinkers on and off, the radio louder or the song changed and has now decided that he wants to always have his window down which is awesome with the music blaring while he is dancing like a mad man in the back seat!!  I feel like a chauffeur with a very demanding little passenger these days...

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Zervis Family said...

Reading these phrases is cracking me up!! Nick is saying the same types of things and you have totally inspired me to write them down. They are SO funny at this age.