Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July

Here are a few pictures from our weekend down at the lake for the 4th!  The boys had an absolute blast playing outside all day every day.  We could not have asked for better weather, not too hot and lots of sun!!!  Silas had his first boat ride, while Noah the boating veteran drove with Papa.  Noah got to do his first fireworks (poppers) and also got his first squirt gun (thanks Papa :)  The squirt guns were a huge hit and Noah has not really put his down over the past few days!
Working on the tractor sprinkler!  The kid never takes a day off!!

Helping Papa feed the fish!  Papa got the boys each a new Koi, Noah can't decide if he wants to name his Manny, Barry or McQueen...

Noah & Nonnie ready to hit the lake!

Silas looks a little nervous!  It might be Noah's driving...

Driving the boat!!!

Silas is still not too sure...

We don't put our squirt guns down, even when we are eating.

Popper time!

I love this picture!

Noah trying to spray out the fire with his squirt gun...


Not the best toy in the world.

Ready for a bike ride!

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