Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Stuck in the house...

Rain, rain go away, come again in October! This is getting ridiculous, I can't believe it is June now and we are still stuck in the house. We have only had a couple nice days to enjoy our new back yard since it was put in and we are all itching to get out there and play. For now we have just been trying to find fun stuff to do in the house!

Noah's imagination just gets crazier and crazier! Here he is using his baseball bat as a camera and is taking a picture of me. It even has camera like sound effects!! So cute!

Of course Silas loves to play on the dangerous bricks. However, they do make the best bumpy road in the house!

Noah is really into cooking and serving food!
I think a kitchen might be in his future, maybe around his birthday!

I don't know what this is about! Noah is probably getting ready to pummel poor little unsuspecting Silas...

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