Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Nice Undies!!!

We have been starting to work on the potty training with Noah a little bit, although it is a little hit and miss as  he does not seem too interested all the time.  However, while eating his lunch on Sunday he told me he wanted to go up to his potty chair and actually went #1 and #2 which was a pretty big deal and landed him a shiny new Snot Rod!  He finished the day off with three more trips to the potty and lots of M & M's but then woke up yesterday (and today) with absolutely no interest in going anywhere near his potty chair...  Oh well, maybe tomorrow!
We did get him to try on his fancy new Sesame Street underwear and he thinks those are pretty cool!  We had to put a pair on Silas first, nothing like a little sibling rivalry to get Noah to do things...

Look at those muscles!!!

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