Tuesday, September 3, 2013


These days it seems like most of our pictures are taken on our cell phones and are either stuck on them forever or posted on Instagram... Here are a few of my favorite Instagram pics from over the summer! Basically our summer in a nutshell :)
"Swimming" in Nonnie & Papa's warm tub!!
AKA a tiny swimming pool :)
I ran my first 10k!!
Lots of scooter riding!
Bounce house fun at summer camp!
Culdesac games with Keana (a nightly occurance)
Enchanted Forest
LOTS of swimming!
This was a rare nap in mommy & daddy's bed, they
had stayed up way too late partying with the Penna's!
Space Camp
Nature hunt with Jack!
Lots of nights at the golf course!
More swimming, I love this one!
Zoo Train
Feeding the Ducks at the neighborhood lake!
Staying up way too late reading space books :)
Noah graduated from Safety Town!
Culdesac obstacle course, another regular event :)

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