Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Ships

Our friend Jason was here again this year with his ship (USCGC Henry Blake) for the Rose Festival which meant we got another backstage pass to tour some amazing ships!  Since we had already checked out Jason's ship last year he took us down to the USS Dewey for a grand tour from one of the officers on board.  The boys did great considering all the crazy amounts of super steep stairs and long narrow hallways we had to go down.  They still talk about the ships all the time and bring up random things the officer discussed so apparently they were paying close attention :)
First order of business is getting snacks :)
Family picture with a giant gun...  Classic!
Jason & Ryan
Checking everything out!  It is amazing how
huge these ships are.  I think this one
was like 500 feet long!  
With our special tour guide we got to go inside the bridge
to see how everything works.  Noah looks like he is itching to get
his hands on that steering wheel :)
Watching the boats go by!

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