Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Impromptu Beach Day

Ever since my friend Rita visited from Friday Harbor the boys and I have had all kinds of ferry/island conversations and I thought it would be a fun little adventure to go ride the Canby Ferry!  But then Noah said "Ferrys are so cool because they are by the ocean and we will get to go to the beach too!"  I explained that the Canby Ferry was just across a river and there would not be any beach fun :(  but then realized that it was almost the end of summer vacation and we had still not been to the beach...  So, we had an impromptu trip to the coast instead of Canby (we'll do that next summer :)  We packed up a giant picnic, our kite and sand toys and hit the highway!  It was one of those amazing days at the Oregon Coast!  Just a little wind, mid-seventies and lots of beautiful blue sky!  We played on the beach for almost three hours then headed into Cannon Beach for some milkshakes and candy shopping!
Of course Silas had to take a roll in the sand :)
I was so excited because the boys finally decided to get their
toes in the sand.  They have always wanted to keep their
socks on when playing in any kind of sand...
Running like crazy!
Making sand roads for our sand city!
Note to self - Don't buy the $1.99 kite next time...
Finding some shells! (or shell pieces)
Noah was a maniac in the water.  He probably would have swam if I
had let him.  He was soaked from head to toe by the time we left!
Silas on the other hand was petrified of the water and is not in a lot
of these pictures because I am holding him...
Sand Roads
Noah thought it was hilarious to bury his
feet in the sand and let the waves wash over them!

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