Saturday, September 8, 2012

The BIG #5

For Noah's 5th birthday he really wanted to have a space party and his birthday happened to fall on a Saturday this year so we had to go all out!  We had the Duck game on, the food and drinks flowing and I think there were 18 kids here with their mom's & dad's, needless to say it was a wild & crazy afternoon!
Noah really wanted to decorate his own cake so I had the bakery make
a space looking scene with the moon at the bottom so he could
do his thing with his own space guys and rocket ships!
(I ran them through the dishwasher beforehand :)
He may have taken a bite out of the side of the cake
before anyone even got here...
Pre-Party Rest
Getting ready for our space scavenger hunt!
Finding lots of asteroids around the yard!
Getting ready for our next mission - 
Ready to destroy the aliens (drawn from chalk all over the yard)
with some water balloons!
Pinata time!
It worked out perfect, every kid got to take a hit
before the pinata broke!
Silas does not seem to care that there is
a party going on, when you gotta go
you gotta go!
Ready to build some pirate ships with Kevin & Kiana!
The finished cake!
Happy Birthday Noah!!!!
Cake Face!
Noah made signs for the front door so everyone would
know there was a space party going on :)
His space shuttle and party guy signs!
Just a little tired after his all day birthday bash but ready to
play with his sock pirate from Teacher Lindsey (very special)!!
Happy #5 to our Sweet Booga!

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