Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day

During the St. Patrick's Day celebration at Noah's school some naughty little leprechauns trashed their classroom, threw glitter everywhere and hid Noah's shoe!  Needless to say he was so excited about the leprechaun's and St. Patrick's Day that I had to keep the fun going!  In addition to trashing the boys bathroom they hid gold coins all over our house and threw Lucky Charms all over our kitchen.  But they did leave some seriously yummy green cookies for us all to enjoy too :)  Noah is convinced we are going to trap one next year and then turn him loose outside after telling him he can't come into our house to make messes anymore!
Those nasty little leprechauns left the biggest mess
ever in our bathroom!  They forgot to flush down
their green pee and obviously had very dirty feet :)
At least they remembered to wash their hands!

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