Friday, May 6, 2011

Makeshift Easter

The weekend before Easter I got sick... Not just a little sick but the kind of sick where I seriously thought I was going to die sick.  A friend and I had taken our kids to Red Robin for lunch that day and so I assumed that, by the way it came on, I had food poisoning.  I was completely out of commission for almost four days and the entire time just kept thinking "thank God the boys did not eat whatever it was I ate."  WRONG, apparently I had the stomach flu and a few days later got to have my first experience of kids with the stomach flu.  I feel very fortunate that until that week I have never had to deal with the pukes or diaper diarrhea.  I think I did about 15 loads of laundry over a two day period.  Luckily the boys were pretty tough about all of it and bounced back within a couple days.  Apparently Noah was even bragging to his teacher that he puked on the kitchen table, floor and in his bed (awesome)!!  Poor Ryan felt like a ticking time bomb just waiting for the sickness to come his way and of course it did the day before Easter :(  I am not going to lie, I look forward to my mom's Easter dinner all year long and was crushed that we were going to miss it.  I had decided I would order in Easter dinners from Marie Calendars across the way but when I called around 5ish to place my order they said they stopped serving those at 2... Total devastation!!!  I ended up being the crazy lady in Freddy's at 6pm on Easter Sunday buying one of the remaining monstrous hams and all the fixins to whip up a last minute Easter dinner that I ate by myself  because it was not done until long after the boys were asleep and Ryan was definitely not ready for solid foods yet.  Oh well, my makeshift dinner hit the spot and there is always next year!!!
Even with all of the sickness around here the boys ended up having a great Easter.  We left a few carrots on the front porch for the Easter Bunny and in exchange for those the Easter Bunny left them some pretty awesome baskets and also hid lots of eggs all around the house!  They got pretty hopped up on lots of sugary sweets and ran crazy most of the day!
Seriously excited about his candy carrot!

Found one!

Easter Grass = Bad Idea

Seriously big mess,  I think I was picking up Easter Grass for a week!

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The Adventures of the George Family said...

I was beginning to wonder what had happened to glad you are all on the mend and feeling so much better!! I'm sure you're happy that's over - I am not looking forward to the day when we have to deal with that! Btw, we need to get our boys together soon!! Miss ya!