Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring Art

Noah has been super busy with all kinds of art projects at school and with friends! Our house is looking very festive and ready for Easter this weekend!!!
He colored Easter Eggs with Aiden last week!

His pom pom flower!

They have been learning about weather at school and this is his rain cloud!

Here is his little Easter chick, he is very proud of the
fact that he glued it all together himself!

Stained glass egg!

This was their project today at school.  They even got to pick jelly beans
to put in the egg.  Noah is saving the candy for when daddy gets home so
we can all share them together, so thoughtful!
** We do try to do art project with Silas too but for some reason he finds any kind of crayon, marker, paint, glue etc. to be delicious and always ends up with a mouth full of craft supplies...

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