Sunday, October 10, 2010

Victoria Visit

Noah's friend Victoria came to stay for the past couple days and Noah could not have had more fun!!  We have been talking about Jason and Victoria coming up to visit for a while and Noah has been so excited for the big weekend, he even got to stay up super late Friday night waiting for them to get here (very big deal).  We took the kids to Out of this World on Saturday to get out of the house for a while as the weather did not cooperate for our big zoo plans.  The grown ups watched lots and lots of football and the kids played and played and played as Noah puts it!!
Watching out the window waiting for them
to get here!  He wore his dinosaur pajamas
because Victoria is totally into dinosaurs!

They played in the Cozy Coupes for hours!  Lots of gas station stops,
oil changes, grocery store visits etc...  The house looked like
a toy store had exploded in it!

We even had ice cream cones, a VERY big deal around here!

So cute, they wanted to do everything together!

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