Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Snow Days

Today was our first day back to normalcy after our four day snow vacation!!  This was the first time the boys got to play in "real" snow and we all had a blast (Ryan & I included)!! Go figure this was the first year I did not buy the boys snow clothes because I would buy them every year and end up taking them to Goodwill every year with the tags still on because we never use them...  Luckily they both have good coats so we added a few pairs of sweatpants and socks and were good to go :)  We played for hours on our neighbors driveway and in the culdesac.  There was lots of sledding, snowboarding and a sad little snowman that looked a lot like Jabba the Hut...
This was our snow bar where the boys were serving
all kinds of snowy treats!  They told me the only
way I could help them was if I paid them $100...
But when you pay the $100 to work there you
can eat as much snow as you want, what a deal!!!
We spent hours sledding with Keana, Roger &
Veronica and had everyone over for some hot
soup to warm up at the end of the day :)
 I just love the looks on their faces!  Pure joy!
Jack and the boys!  We had a playdate scheduled on
Thursday when all the snow started so needless
to say they were just a little excited to have Jack here
to play in the snow for a bit that day!

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Cheryl Riley said...

This has made my day! All the joy on this just brightened my day. Ryan showed the video of Noah snowboarding. He is a natural!